At TaskUs the difference is our people. We obsess over our employee experience. This obsession attracts the best talent in the industry. And our talented teammates deliver ridiculously good service to our clients and their customers. This positive reinforcing cycle starts is made possible by incredibly talented people. There is no way we’d be in business without the talent that exists around the world, particularly in the Philippines.

But the harsh truth is that our ridiculously talented teammates have overcome the odds. In the Philippines the government spends $137 a year per pupil on public education, that’s almost 100 times less than the United States. As a result, talk to any Filipino parent and the thing they hope for the most is to be able to provide their children with a private education. But a private education is expensive in a country where the GDP per capita is less than $3,000 a year.

Five years ago we decided to make education our cause. We launched the TaskUs Scholars Program, guarantying any TaskUs employee that has been with the company for over a year and is in good standing a chance to give their child a better education.  For every TaskUs Scholar TaskUs covers the fees for them to go to the private school of their choice.

This program started with just three children, last year, it grew to 55 and this year we will be sponsoring the tuition fees of 112 of our children.

Congratulations to all of our scholars!

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