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  1. Admit it, you’ve made tons of mistakes in your life. A lot of mistakes you didn’t even think were mistakes at the time. Remember your wigga phase?
  2. Recognize that mistakes never stop. 
  3. That means you are making a lot of mistakes right now.
  4. Don’t write a business plan. Nothing you write is going to come true. Come up with an idea, start and prepare for an education.
  5. Exercise, everyday. It gives you energy, a natural high, makes you better looking, makes you better in bed and makes you live longer. How could you not?
  6. Tell your family you love them every time you talk to them. You never know when the last time you talk to someone is going to be. Do not take it for granted. Say, “I love you so much,” for good measure. Mom and Dad taught me this.
  7. Never reject an urge to be generous. Feel like buying someone something, buy it. Feel like picking someone up from the airport, pick them up. Say yes to your generous urges. Tom taught me this.
  8. Apologize to your mom for being such a terrible person as a teenager. 
  9. When you outgrow people, move on. No time for remorse or grudges.
  10. Surround yourself with people who are smarter, richer, wiser and funnier than you. 
  11. Spend more on experience than products, a lot more. Buy trips, concert tickets, and amazing meals, rather than clothes, TVs and cars.
  12. Love more than you fight, a lot more…like a lot, lot more.
  13. Be sexually adventurous and communicate. Figure out how you like to have sex and communicate what you want with your partner(s). Then be open to what they want. Good sex solves a lot of problems.
  14. Be grateful. If you are reading this blog post, you have a computer and the internet. That is more than the richest most powerful people 100 years ago. No matter how shitty your day is, pause and be thankful for something.
  15. If you really want to do something, do it. This is obvious but so many people (including me) spend time thinking about how hard, awkward, scary it is going to be. Ironically, people spend more energy agonizing over their decisions than they spend actually putting things into action. If you just got on and did it, you’d be done by now.
  16. Stop hating. You know when you are hating. You’re hating when you criticize people who are doing cool shit, people who are tall, good looking, charming, because it makes you insecure. Hating wastes energy. Make friends with people instead of hating on them. Their traits will rub off on you.
  17. Have coffee with people less powerful than you. They will educate and surprise you. A few of them will build the next great thing.
  18. Get a roommate who has a dog. This way you can be like a dog’s uncle/aunt, get all of the joys of having a dog, and retain none of the responsibilities.
  19. Pay your respects to the chef. At a restaurant or elsewhere, when someone has created something amazing, call them out and thank them. Your appreciation for their passion will be rewarded.
  20. Don’t watch TV. Complete waste of time.
  21. Don’t watch sports. A simplification of the complexities of the human condition, and totally meaningless.
  22. If you aren’t happy in a situation, get up and walk out.
  23. It’s not the end of the world. If you feel like it is the end of the world, talk to Jaspar. If you don’t know Jaspar, get a relentlessly positive best friend. If you are relentlessly positive, find a realist to keep you grounded.
  24. As soon as you have the money to hire people smarter than you, HIRE THEM!
  25. Spend a lot of time conquering your fear of being different. 
  26. Spend the rest of your time questioning the status quo and rethinking societies silly assumptions.
  27. Always take care of the service. Waiters, bell boys, assistants. Tip them, bring gifts, but most importantly treat them like human beings. How you treat the weak is a reflection of your character, and let’s face it these folks are the most powerful people in the world. They control the conference room schedule, your seat on the plane and the food you are putting in your body. So be nice.
  1. Norlin
    July 12, 2013

    #9, #12 and #16. You nailed it, happy birthday!

  2. Ben
    July 12, 2013

    Well said brother. You have accumulated incredible perspective on life during your 27 years. I look forward to reading your perspective as you continue onward. Happy birthday.

  3. sargam
    July 12, 2013

    um you forgot the one that you taught me. “eat dessert”

  4. jaspar
    August 12, 2013


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