Improving education in the Philippines will take a considerable amount of time and effort. However, I am happy to report the change made by the TaskUs Foundation. It was only a year ago that we conceived the notion of starting a fund to help provide educational opportunities to the children of TaskUs employees. With one fundraising campaign in anticipation of running the LA Marathon, we were able to raise $16,000 for the TaskUs foundation to benefit three amazing kids: JT, Bea and Jeru. Here is a brief update of the impact and progress made by all three:


Using funds allocated by the TaskUs Foundation, JT was able to immediately transfer to a better school and finish the 2nd Grade. Despite an extended absence due to Kawasaki Disease, he finished as a bronze medalist (academic reward in the Philippines for high academic marks). The TaskUs Foundation also awarded JT the opportunity to enroll in extracurricular activities and programs like Kumon (advanced learning program) and Piano lessons. With another bronze medal in Kumon and a perfect piano recital in December that earned him a silver medal, JT exemplified one of my favorite TaskUs core values: Always Strive For Excellence.


At the ripe age of 3, Bea is already off to an amazing start. With Kinder-I (first year of Kindergarten) completed, I am thrilled to report Bea racked up a number of accolades: honor student, Best in English, Best in Mathematics, Best in Science and Best in Writing. If school was the academy awards, you would call her Meryl Streep, she’s a lock! At the age of 3, she has already learned how to read and asserted herself as a candidate for more awards this May. Thanks to her natural talents and the TaskUs Foundation, Bea’s future is very bright.


Last, but definitely not least, Jeru continues to amaze all of us with his natural ability and incredible thirst for knowledge. With funds from the TaskUs Foundation, Jeru has enrolled in a private, honors school where the teacher to student ratio is 1:5. Each student at his school is afforded a tremendous amount of care, focus and attention from the educators. With these new educational opportunities, Jeru has received one silver and six gold medals for achievement in Mathematics, Spelling, Science, Speech and English. However, his curiosity is not limited to the classroom. Jeru has also enrolled in extracurriculars like tennis and martial arts. As you can see from the video above, Jeru is an incredible kid that lights up any room with his bright personality. Happy to hear he has taken interest in running. Perhaps, I’m rubbing off on him!

As you can see, donations to the TaskUs Foundation change lives, immediately. We are incredibly fortunate to know children like JT, Bea and Jeru. However, I remind myself all of the time that we can’t stop here. There are hundreds of thousands of children that need are help. Please visit to make a difference right now.

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