So I haven’t talked politics in a long while on this blog, but I figured I’d pipe up with an opinion today – the Inauguration of President Obama for his second term.

Driving to work today and listening to the event on NPR, I was struck by how over-the-top the whole thing seemed – marching bands, bleachers and enormous parties. Sure President Obama deserves to be proud of himself. Saying, “I did it,” was a huge gesture of owning his own success. But do we really need this gargantuan celebration, which closes the capital, takes legislators away from their jobs and costs the U.S. taxpayer $170 million!

I’m saying NO. In these challenging fiscal times, I think Obama has wasted a huge opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to fiscal responsibility and hard work by trading these festivities for a private procession with his family where he his sworn in.

My message to President Obama on his inauguration:
Be proud of what you have accomplished, but cognizant of what still needs to get done.

The last thing that this government needs is another excuse to not do work.

  1. Correction
    January 22, 2013

    Bryce, first I Love your blog! But I just wanted to set something straight. Other than the swearing-in ceremony, events and festivities associated with a presidential inauguration are not government functions and are NOT paid for with taxpayer money. Presidential inaugural committees raise money from private donors to hold these events. So your figure is misleading and WRONG! For integrity’s sake, please change your post so you don’t misinform people. In fact, this year’s crowd wasn’t be as big as 2009, and events were scaled back. Festivities were down from four days to three, and the 10 official balls have been cut to two. Obama also accepted corporate donations, which he didn’t four years ago.

    Aside to note that taxpayers DO NOT pay for inaugural festivities, it’s important to note that this is a MOMENTOUS occasion to be celebrated by all for a few reasons. I’ll name two here. 1. President Obama is now among the minority of US presidents to be selected for a SECOND term! and 2. President Obama is the 6th president in US history to be elected with 51 percent or more of the vote!

    • Bryce Maddock
      January 22, 2013

      Thanks for the compliment. Do you have the cost of the swearing in ceremony, shutting down the city of D.C. and the government? I’d guess were talking the tens of millions, which is still inexcusable. I’m not saying the President shouldn’t be proud and celebrate. He should. But the rest of the government needs as little distraction as possible, until they actually start accomplishing things.

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