Jaspar bought us both Up bracelets, which are made by JawBone. I was a bit sceptical at first, but I’ve really enjoyed using it.

What is it? It is a simple black bracelet that you wear all day and all night.

What does it require from you? It requires nothing of you except the click of a button when you go to sleep and another click when wake up. Easy, right?

What does it do? It tracks motion and then displays the number of steps you take each day in addition to recording your sleeping patterns on your. All that data is made readily available to you within a few clicks on your iPhone or iPad (not even addressing Droids on this one).

What are some cool features? You can form a team with your friends and see how much they walk and how they sleep each night (creepy, but oddly fun). Needless to say, Jaspar didn’t do too well this past weekend in Vegas.

Why I dig it? Cool way to encourage an active healthy lifestyle. Check out some of my Up data below.

photo 1


photo 2

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