Bought one of these on Gilt City for $239, right before they lowered the price to $99. My timing was impeccable on that one.

Either way, it was an awesome experience. Spit in a tube (not a request I get frequently, but I complied) and three weeks later you have got key parts of your genome mapped out. A couple interesting and scary things I discovered about myself:

I am increased risk of Alzheimer’s Disease (my Grandma died of this, so this was a sad)
I have 71.6% risk of Obesity, normal risk is 63.9% (so personal responsibility does play a role here)
I am 0.2% South Asian
I found a 4th cousin name Danielle Cruz…

This is not a joke. Amazing to think what the future holds…

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  1. January 17, 2013

    Bought one of these for myself as well! Looks like we’re .2% related, Bryce. WOOP!

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