This weekend all of the magazines I read talked about Zuck. I read the New Yorker piece and thought it was fascinating. You’ve got to hand it to him, he has achieved the status of the greatest entrepreneur of our generation. He came up with a great idea. He iterated like crazy. He navigated the VC landscape flawlessly. He refused enormous acquisition offers. The kid killed it. He’s on top of the world of business, which is where I thought I would be by now.

Saturday morning I did Vinnie’s class at YogaWorks. Over the past two years I’ve got pretty good at yoga. Vinnie’s class is sort of the like the westside all star yogi team so their are plenty of people who are better than me, but Saturday morning was uniquely humbling as I was mat to mat with the Gravity Cowboy. The things this guy can do are unreal. Check out his site for some of the sequences.

These two things got me thinking. I’m doing well at business. I’ve built a profitable business. I support myself and I am my own boss. But I haven’t done anything earth shattering. I didn’t build Facebook. I’m good a yoga. I can hit and sit in just about every pose. But I’m not doing hand stands in and out of every vinyasa. What I’m saying is I’m good at a lot of things, but I’m not great at any one thing.

This is a pretty humbling realization to have at 24. The world that seemed prime for Bryce domination just a few years ago has disappeared. In it’s place is a much more stable, calmer existence. It’s much nicer than I thought it would be.

But I am a bit worried. Greatness in one area, is very often more beneficial than goodness in many areas. Check out Tim Ferriss’ post on the topic. While I am relieved to know that I don’t have to be Zuck or the Gravity Cowboy to feel great about myself, I know that to continue to succeed in all aspects of life I will have to focus on greatness at a few things.

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  1. October 11, 2010

    I'm digging this post. It's all relative.

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