When I left two years ago I thought there was nowhere else I would rather live. The city was in my blood. Every night out held another unpredictable adventure. Every corner had another undiscovered gem, an amazing restaurant or charming bar. New York was and is like no other place on earth.

Coming back after two years I feel different. I have fallen back in love with LA. The yoga, the weather and laid back lifestyle have seduced me in ways I never thought possible. New York is incredible, but I'm no longer certain I want to live here.

I left the city because I left investment banking. Starting your own bootstrapped business in New York is damn near impossible. Although the city has a great startup ecosystem these days, the types of companies that make it in New York are funded by VCs, Angels or peoples parents. I wasn't interested (or wasn't able) to rely on any of these sources of funding. When you start a business with $25k New York is not the place to do it (LA is also probably not the best place unless you live at your parents house).

Over the passed two years I've built a profitable business. Profitable enough that I am now considering paying myself a salary so I can move out of my parents house. But the problem of New York pricing still rings true. I can pay myself $40 or $50k a year. Which should be enough to live in the city. But the city is a high class hooker. She demands extra for dinner, clubs and random bottles of coconut water. I fall victim to all of these.

The other issue with New York is exercise. I've become addicted to exercise in LA. I workout 7 to 9 times a week. New Yorkers aren't so into exercise. I have searched the city and the best I can tell there is only one good yoga class (Sherman at YogaWorks)…

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