Why do I want to be an entrepreneur? I want to be free. And when I say free I mean free in every way you can think of. I want financial freedom. To me financial freedom means never having to think about money when buying something whether it’s a latte or a private jet for me and my friends to go to Europe for the week. To me financial freedom means being able to provide for my parents, my wife, my kids and all of my friends, so that when a generous urge strikes I never hesitate to act on it.

But if it were just about being rich I would have stayed at the investment bank. So freedom means something more. I want to be free to enjoy the my life. Free to do whatever I feel like doing in the moment. Sometimes I’ll want to work. Sometimes I want to work out. Sometimes I’ll want to hangout with friends. I want the freedom of time so that I can enjoy all of these experiences to the fullest.

One could reasonably ask at this point, if it were that easy why wouldn’t everyone do it? Good question. To start most people are too damn scared. We see other people working long, hard hours and think we have got to as well. I do this too. Julia is working a job at an investment bank this summer and every time I hear about her 16 hour days I feel guilty for taking 9 am yoga classes on a Tuesday morning. But more importantly I’m not saying that I will achieve this level of freedom. I am simply responding to the question – Why do you want to be an entrepreneur? Freedom.

Today I saw an ad in The Economist (the greatest magazine in the world) for a job opening in the New York office. I love the Economist, I love New York and, at this point in my entrepreneurial journey, I love the idea of a secure $75K income. But my why is freedom. Any “job” that requires office hours immediately compromises my objective. In fact, the only way to obtain the kind of freedom I’ve described is to be an entrepreneur or an heir.

Fortunately for me I don’t have the latter option. I say fortunately, because Freedom is not the only why. As I said before, there is an amalgam of motivators. Freedom just happens to be the main one. I am still motivated by glory. These days I’m not as interested in being the President of the United States, or winning an Academy Away. Instead I want the feeling that I built something, that I created my own success. Clearly this is rooted in that old insecurity, but the longing for Freedom out weighs it.

Additionally, for me, the entrepreneurial process of studying an industry, looking for opportunity, building solutions to problems and empowering workers with jobs and customers with better products and services provides pleasure in its own right. So part of the answer to – why do you want to be an entrepreneur is just that…

I want to be an entrepreneur.

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