The past two weeks contain more in them than could be written about in one blog post, or in the sum of every blog post I will ever write for that matter. Some of it is indescribable, words just wouldn’t do it justice. Other parts are still in motion and will play out on this blog over the next few months. But the one thing that is certain is that nothing will ever be the same.

For seven days and seven nights I lived in silence. Meditating, hiking, doing yoga and co-habitating with Tom without saying a single word. Adyashanti provided the space and spiritual guidance. The retreat was held in the mountains above Santa Cruz on the gorgeous property of Baba Hari Das.

Adyashanti is a Zen Master. What pops to mind when I type those words is an old Japanese wise man with a long flowing bread. Adyashanti is not this. He is a 50 year old white dude who speaks the truth. He’s intelligible, aggressive and hilarious. Spending a week in his presence was ecstasy.

Now this isn’t to make it seem like all fun and games. It wasn’t staying silent for seven days can be a bit of an endurance sport. Day three and four had me counting the hours like I count the laps on a treadmill. But each day held a new insight into myself and the nature of things. Spending time with Tom was incredible. We depended our relationship without saying a word or even looking at one another.

When the retreat ended I grabbed my bags and hoped on a flight to New York City. Jaspar and I attended and demoed at TechCrunch Disrupt. It was the best conference I have ever been to. The entire time we were surrounded by other young, smart and ambitious minds trying to do something to make a difference. We met financial companies like Plantly and Betterment, media companies like MovieClips and mobile apps like PhoneTell and Talk2.Us. This is just a sampling of the hundreds of people that we met at the conference. I’d recommend attending for anyone who is serious about their startup.

Being back in the city was invigorating. I went on some great runs around the central park reservoir, connected and reconnected with friends old and new – Julia, Yasmine and Bastien, and discovered that New York yoga is so incredibly awful it’s almost comical.

Will I move back? Maybe.

This past weekend I spent with Rich and his ever growing family in Connecticut. Lucas and JJ (aka Wally) are the newest additions to the Reyes clan. Seeing my contemporaries have kids gives me a whole new perspective on babies. Holding and playing with these boys who are just a few months old was the most fun part of the past two weeks. However, I left terrified. The thought of having to care for a baby 24/7/365 is so unbelievably overwhelming, I am shocked that so many people do it.

Rich and I delved deep into conversation. No matter how much time passes I seem to seamlessly reconnect with the closest of my old friends.

I’m landing now and the Virgin America wifi will be turned off shortly. Back to LA, my bed and my exercise routine. But a lot has changed. I’m both excited and terrified to see how it will play out over the next few months. Stay tuned.

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