Why do I write this blog?

In the middle of writing People, Process and Persistence I began to
think about another P – Profit. As an entrepreneur most of what I do
is driven by the search for profits. But this blog isn't profitable
directly or indirectly.

I started writing the blog to track my adventures. It started with
detailed accounts of my personal life – friends, women, etc. But the
more my business grew, the less comfortable I was with sharing these
details. I would meet a great prospect and realize the first thing
they were going to do was Google me and read about the most recent
girl I slept with.

So the blog has become about business. I use it to ponder, to analyze
trends. It is my attempt to participate in the collective dialouge
amongst my peers. And yet the blog has never been as popular as it was
when I was writing about my personal life.

Sex sells I suppose.

But persistence keeps me writing. Holding out hope that the blog means
something to more people than just me.

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