Let me start by saying that you are never going to be able to start and succeed in business without a fair amount of hard work. I’m just tired of hearing, “if you’re smart and you work really hard you’ll succeed.” I would argue it’s just the opposite, if you are smart you’ll succeed and won’t have to work really hard. Maybe I’m just another example of a Gen-Yer thinking that they should have everything silver spoon fed to them. But this weekend I lived a good example of how being “lazy” can sometimes be a good thing.

Friday night I pulled the trigger and signed us up for TechCrunch Disrupt. Jaspar and I are going to be in New York that week anyway and the line up of speakers is outrageous! That said the $2,000 ticket price is a little hefty. Fortunately, we qualify for StartUp Alley, being a start up that is less than two years old and has received less than $2 million in funding – bootstraps baby!

There’s only one problem, we have to have a business to present. TaskUs isn’t sexy enough. Smarter Social is a dime a dozen to these folks. We needed to do something that was…disruptive! So I started throwing around ideas for a social media market research algorithm. I was planning to work all weekend on developing it. Instead I went to yoga, went hiking, went for a walk on the beach, went to yoga, went to brunch with Neel – all punctuated by meditation and attempts to recover my Spanish by watching Abre Los Ojos and Che.

How, you ask, did this yield a better result than working all weekend?

By giving myself space I figured it out. The new TaskUs is what we will present. Over the past four months we have added 100 employees. Why? Because we have iterated into a one stop, human intelligence outsourcing solution, for growth stage start ups that are running cyborg businesses. It’s a niche, which is what we have been searching for all along, and Disrupt will be filled with potential customers.

We won’t be the coolest kids at the conference. We certainly won’t be the smartest. But in terms of strategy, we won’t be matched.

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  1. May 11, 2010

    #1 benefit of not working hard = midday yoga

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