Does your day ever look like this?

Mine does. I find that I often hit the ground running Monday. Filling up the entire day with getting things done. But by the time Tuesday rolls around I’m bogged down by a double whammy of less enthusiasm and less to do. Things take time to process – designer need to design things, writers need to write things, and so forth. I’m left twiddling my thumbs or Facebook stalking.

I now realize that this is because I am spending way too much time behind the desk. My extensive traveling so far this year has opened my eyes to the effectiveness we gain by meeting people face to face. So I am making a New Quarter Resolution. For the second quarter the TaskUs and Smarter Social Media team will be spending less time behind the desk and more time outside. More events, more drinks and more time to wander around. I’ve met some of my best clients and connections doing things totally unrelated to business. So that’ll be an essential part of this philosophy.

We are still a fledgling business so if this strategy fails we are toast. But I think we risk more by staying stagnant.

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