When I landed in Manila in January I felt like I was on drugs. That is the only way to describe it. For days I was running on a natural high. I was so excited to watch the project that I had slaved away at for over a year finally be watered with the financing needed to flower. We went from a dozen employees to well over 100 today – that’s just over two months for anyone who is counting. We built out the office, strengthened our management team and addressed all of the fun legal stuff that comes with growing in a legitimate operation.

Today I’m back in the office. It is my third trip to the Philippines this year and the passion is lacking! Not for the team. They have held strong in their passion, treating each day as if it were their first on the job. But I have found myself in a bit of a funk. This is a product of a couple things:

1) I was sick all weekend. The tireless travel schedule seems to have finally caught up with me. I felt a little sick the first few days in the Dominican Republic. It went away and came thundering down one week later after I arrived in Manila. I spent the past two days beneath the sheets in my hotel room.

2) The ship is built. I look around at the office and everyone is working efficiently, everyone has a role, and though there are performance metrics that still need to be met, everything is running pretty smoothly. To put it simply I am no longer needed. It’s nice to have me here to craft strategy, inspire the team and oversee things. But this is a fully functional operation.

3) I lost my developing country virginity. Coming to the Philippines was my first, first hand experience with dealing with a developing country. I have navigated the streets and the legal system, and though this has left a few bumps and bruises, the experience has become routine and the sex appeal has worn off.

Now, before you go thinking that I have gone off into a bout of depression, know that I realize that passion ebbs and flows. No doubt I will feel excited and passionate over the next few days. However, it’s a natural experience to have the occasional passionless day.

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