I’m living.

I spent the past week in the Dominican Republic and didn’t touch the blog once. I admire the discipline of daily bloggers who refuse to give up their craft even when traveling. But I am not one of these writers. For me the blog is a reflection of my life. Whether it be work, travel or love, I live it, then write it if it’s worth recording.

This past week deserves recording. A year ago I sat down to determine what I wanted for myself in the next six months – a dreamline, a vision. One of my dreams was to travel to a Spanish speaking country, lay on a beach and drink out of a coconut. It took a year but I did it this week – a beach, hammock, a coconut and so much more. Over the next week I’ll cover the whole trip over a series of posts.

Estrella said to me, “you are 23. You think you have conquered the world because you graduated high school. Graduated college. Started your own business. It’s only when you get older that you see that the dreams you have today don’t come true.”

Nearly, every dream I put on paper over the past year has manifest. So I humbly disagree…
  1. March 05, 2010

    That’s pretty awesome! You’ve def. done more in your life than a normal 23 year old! :)

  2. March 08, 2010

    And you drink Jameson on the rocks! Are you sure you're 23?

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