Today we met with Jeff and Tom – the newest editions to the Smarter Social Media team. Our growth has been really exciting of late. We have now added five new team members over the past three weeks. Jeff and Tom are really exciting editions because they bring decades of experience in brand research and traditional media that really serve to strengthen our value proposition.

In our conversation Jeff started talking about “solid citizens.” For Jeff these are good brands, with no sex appeal. Generally the kinds of consumer products you buy every time you make a trip to the super market but they don’t jump out at you or excite your passions. It’s easy to forget how important these brands are to our everyday lives – What would I do without my Colgate toothpaste?

This got me thinking about the members of our team who are “solid citizens” – they show up to work on time everyday, they deliver on schedule and will go the extra mile. All the while they aren’t out on the street singing their own praises. Now let me make it clear from the outset that I do not consider myself a “solid citizen”. I am good at what I do, but I am equally good at talking about being good at what I do. But as a result I have an even deeper respect and admiration for the “solid citizens” on our team.

Jed recently took over as head of TaskUs operations. When Jed came to us he was quiet and reserved. But over the past few months he has worked hard and learned fast. Most importantly he has learned to always ask questions. In the few weeks that he has been leading the TaskUs organization he has done an amazing job. Tasks are at an all time high and I’m having to handle less and less of the daily work. Jed genuinely cares about each and every client. He is proud of his position and as a result has no problem working the long, hard hours it requires to deliver every time.

Over the course of my career I have dealt with a lot of developers. Some are awesome and reliable, like the guys at Brilliant2 but the majority that I have worked with over promise and under deliver. Admittedly, this is in part due to my shoestring budget. But given these constraints I am all the more thrilled when I find great developers. We hired Casen last year and my prejudices about developers have since disappeared. Two weeks ago I tasked Casen with developing a site that would allow us to test transcription applicants outside of our offices. I wanted the site to check the transcriptions automatically and assign an accuracy score, removing the need for a human checker and streamlining the entire application process. Casen said he would deliver on Friday and on Friday of last week Transcription.PH went live.

Taking time to thank the solid citizens in our lives goes a long way to keeping the people we rely on everyday close to us.

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