We are hiring! Over the next 6 weeks I need to bring on three new people – Junior and Senior social media positions and a crack PHP developer. If you know one of these folks please send them my way.

When interviewing I rely on one thing – my gut. I never look at resumes. I don’t check references. And I definitely don’t give candidates consultant type brain teasers. All I want to do is get a feel for the person, to see if they will fit in, in our young, scrappy, results driven environment. To see if they are driven. To see if they will work hard. To see if they will endure. I am usually pretty good at getting a sense for this. But I have made some mistakes. Which is why I am making a late New Year’s resolution – I will be checking three references (at minimum) for each and every candidate from now on. I learned this lesson the hard way.

Last year I interviewed an awesome guy. He seemed perfect for the position we needed to fill. So I hired him and he fit right into the organization. The first few weeks he worked hard and delivered. But as the projects got more complex and the demands of work increased he flaked.

Today Jaspar decided to check the references for a new applicant. Turns out the new applicant had worked at the same place as our ex-employee previously. In his conversation with the HR Director of this company Jaspar brought up our ex-employee and the HR Director said, “You know those people who interview really well, but when you hire them they are like a totally different person…that’s (your ex-employee). You should have called me about him I bet I could have saved you a lot of money…”

Yup $12,500 to be exact. The most expensive mistake I’ve made to date.
  1. February 05, 2010

    Maybe you should have consulted with someone you know that has 12 years of recruiting experience. At least your learning lessons the hard way $$. Better than not learing at all.

  2. February 05, 2010

    Uncley advice.

  3. February 08, 2010

    Up until last year I was in HR (for 2 years) I would invest in a background check as well. You never know who you have working for your company.

  4. February 09, 2010

    Learn from the Gun-toatin Grandma I hired in San Diego. I was hiring Cust. Support Reps for a large call center (1000ee's). I interviewed and tested this 50ish grandma, who was a sweet talker, seemed sharp and impressive. 3 days after I mistakenly started her, her background check came back with multiple felony weapons dealing convictions. I never made that mistake again.

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