1) Meeting people – Despite its reputation, I’ve found New York to be one of the most open and friendly environments in the world. Be it on the subway, on the street or in an elevator you are bound to strike up conversation with strangers.

2) The Restaurants – Nowhere else that I have ever visited has such an eclectic mix of excellent food that is always available. From dim sum in Queens to dinners in the East Village to 3 Star French fare by Ducaisse, Troundle and Boulud (my personal favorite) New York is foodie paradise.

3) Central Park – Words can’t really do justice to this one. Central Park is an urban gem. Jogging the perimeter or walking around the reservoir are amongst the favorite experiences of my life.

4) Public Transit – While technically lacking, the New York subway is amazingly pragmatic, reliable and efficient. It can take you anywhere you want to go in Manhattan in 30 minutes or less 24/7, with almost no exceptions.

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