As I write this I am flying back from spending New Years in New York. I’ll be on the ground in LA for less than 11 hours then it’s off to Manilla by way of Tokyo.
I love to travel and it looks like I am going to get to do more of it this year than ever before. There is something magical about flying. Part of this is the shock of hoping between cities and cultures in hours of time. This morning I woke up in New York, I’ll go to sleep in LA and this time tomorrow night I’ll be in Tokyo. Blows my mind!
The other part is possibility. I have not yet been blessed with satisfaction in the status quo. I’m constantly striving for better in both my personal and professional life (…this is not always constructive). Traveling brakes the routine, suddenly anything possible and I find myself more hopeful than usual.
No sooner had I boarded my flight from LAX to DFW than I met an amazing girl. We chatted the entire way to Dallas and exchanged info, texting back and forth through the New Year. The next morning (post DFW to LGA) I got up and went to the first of a series of yoga workshops with Vinnie, my guru from LA. After class I ran into another awesome girl who I had only just gotten to know when she left Santa Monica to get her MBA in New York eight months ago.
I spent New Years at a loft in Brooklyn. It was a fun party, in which I haplessly attempted to negotiate some semblance of a New Years kiss. Instead the highlight of the night came when I wandered into a Puerto Rican party a few floors down and used my broken Spanish to endear myself to the host family. Within five minutes I was drinking Hennasy and Cranberry juice and dancing salsa with the Grandmother of the family.
The next morning I woke up and took the train out to Connecticut to visit Rich. On the train ride out, in classic New York style, I struck up a conversation with a young hedge fund manager heading back to his parent’s place in Westchester to recover from the previous night’s debauchery. I arrived in Danbury and was promptly taken to Tony Pham’s restaurant for a four course Vietnamese meal, which was followed by a visit to Patty (Rich’s cousins) house for the New Year’s day (hangover) stew. We ate and talked – two of my favorite activities.
One-on-one conversations with Rich are simply amazing. There are so many similarities in the way we approach and deconstruct the world around us and yet we come from very different backgrounds and are in entirely different businesses. Rich comes from a traditional Dominican family. I come from a confused, alternative, rebellious WASPy family. Rich runs the toughest brick and mortar business – quick food service. I run two online businesses and haven’t a clue about the brick and mortar world. Rich inherited a thriving businesses from his father’s brilliant business mind and has improved it considerably. I’ve started a business that neither of my parents understand. What’s tragic for me is that Rich is probably the best living partner I’ll ever have, and now that he’s moved back to Danbury I doubt if will ever get an opportunity to live together again.
That night I headed back into the city. This morning I woke up and did another amazing Vinnie class. Took the yoga girl to lunch. Packed. Meditated for an hour and then took the New Jersey transit out to Newark airport and here I am – up in the air.
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  1. January 04, 2010

    Bryce you live such an adventurous life! I’m excited to see how 2010 turns out for you and your company! :)

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