This time last year I had just finished throwing what would be my final of seven consecutive New Years Eve parties. Once again, I made a lot of money but had destroyed bits and pieces of my social life in the process. Preston hated me for forcing him to promote the event to his friends. Courtney hated me for being too busy to stop and give her a New Years kiss. And everyone else was indifferent having forgotten the festive ridiculousness in a grey haze of alcohol and drugs.
This time last year I had just launched TaskUs to the public. Having completed the full web interface, and hired one (just one) full time assistants from a call center in Manilla. Her name was Marie and she was amazing. We worked together tirelessly completing the tasks that slowing began to trickle in. We had a business, if only just.
This time last year I thought I would have moved out of my parents house by this time this year. I’m not sure where I thought I would go, but I definitely didn’t think the process of building financial, career and domestic freedom would take this long.
This time last year I had written this blog for 8 months. In which time I posted more than I would in all of 2009. Let’s hope this trend doesn’t continue. But I can’t help but wonder…
Where will I be this time next year?

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