This is a “catch up” post. I’ve been super behind on blogging lately as we have been crazy busy (more on that later).

Two weeks ago, the day after returning from New York with Tom, Jaspar and I headed up to Seattle. We were hired by the Best Western to do social media training for a number of their hotels. On our way up to the wet North West we stopped over in San Francisco for the evening to attend a start up mixer that Jamie was hosting.

LAX to SFO marked my first Virgin America flight. I wasn’t too impressed. It was like Jet Blue with mood lighting. Richard Branson has long been an entrepreneurial hero of mine so I should have more allegiance to his airline, but my AAdvantage miles have kept me addicted to American.

Jamie’s mixer was great. I invited Luther and Dan, and met a bunch of angels and entrepreneurs doing all sorts of amazing things in tech. We drank wine, got a tour of Yelp’s offices, and ended up driving around downtown San Francisco for an hour and a half looking for Jaspar’s friends house. As the mixer wound down, Dan said farewell and told me he was headed back to the office. It was nine thirty and we were a very glasses of wine deep, “Really?” I said.

Dan is the CEO of Huddler, a Stanford educated, nationally ranked gymnast with discipline that could outlast 99.99% of the population. Discipline is a quality I have long prided myself on, but I left 100 hour work weeks back at the investment bank. Given what I learned in New York about Tom’s working style, I have begun to question the value of long, hard hours. I am unsure of what to aspire to.

In early morning Jaspar and I hopped on a flight to Seattle and over the next three days worked with the amazing staff of three different Seattle area hotels. We detailed Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, CitySearch and Google Analytics. I’m proud to say that in the week since we have left they’ve already started to generate business from their social media efforts. We hung out with Jonas at his incredible lake house, ate great seafood at Flying Fish, and went Christmas shopping. Good week.
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  1. January 05, 2010

    "Jet Blue with mood lighting" might be the best description of Virgin America I've ever heard.

    It must hurt to be so let down by your idol.

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