I was hanging with Tyler last night and discussing real time, mobile and geo-targeting. These three elements have been dominating my thoughts of late for a few reasons. To start there is no doubt that they will combine to create some of the greatest marketing opportunities of the next decade. Imagine being able to market to someone’s cellphone based on where they are and what they are interested in at that moment! This will do for brick and mortar stores what search advertising did for e-commerce.

The other reason I can’t get this trifecta off of my mind is Tim – a developer we recently hired who is amazing at just about everything – has a specialty in mobile gaming. I’ve been picking his brain routinely and there are some major opportunities in this space.

I mentioned a few ideas to Tyler and he told me that a whole bunch of them had already been combined into the greatest iPhone app of all time – ShopSavvy. Using this app you can scan ANY barcode and get back a price comparison from online retailers and bricks and mortar retailers in your geographic area. Tyler asked the man sitting next to us at Coffee Bean if he could borrow the book he was reading and scan the barcode. What we got back was a list of prices from sites like Amazon and eCampus and stores like the Barnes and Noble down the street!

If you don’t have the app – get it!

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