This was my second trip up to Seattle in as many months, and I love the city. The biggest surprises were:

1) The food – Unbelievable! Seattle may be the nation’s second greatest culinary city behind New York.

2) The weather – It rained ALL the time. No surprise there. But somehow rain in Seattle was easier to deal with than in New York or LA. Perhaps it’s because the whole city is prepared and relaxed about it.

3) The people – All of the people I dealt with were cheerful and kind, even in the face of the constantly depressing weather.

I’ve prepared some of my favorite finds in the city:


1) Dahlia Lounge – We ate here the last night in the city and I would easily rank this among my top 10 meals of all time. Try the seafood platter to start, crab cakes and house baked donuts are a must.

2) Pink Door – The atmosphere was perhaps a little too romantic for two straight men dinning together, but the food was very good. Jaspar and I met a group of senior girls from University of Washington here so that took up most of my focus. Inside Info: if you stay until closing time you can sneak up and sit on one of their burlesque swings.

3) Palace Kitchen – Tom Douglas is the celebrity chef of Seattle. He owns Palace Kitchen and Dahlia amongst other establishments. This place is phenomenal as well. Really excellent north-western fair. Great salmon, halibut, trout etc. For desert you MUST have the coconut creme pie.


1) Amber – Cool ambiance. Live music. And a bachelorette party make for a good time.

2) Del Rey – When we went it was dead. But everyone we asked referenced this spot as a lively place to go to on the weekends.

3) The U District – After meeting the group of seniors from UW we felt obligated to go out with them on their home turf. Very common college scene, one long road lined with bars, with undergraduates pouring out of them. It was a good time.


1) The Inn at the Market – The perfect hotel for a vacation in Seattle or for those getting on or coming off of cruise ships. The Inn at the Market is only hotel that is REALLY at Pike Place market. Just a few steps away from the historic location, with incredible views of Puget Sound. We got to stay in 6 different rooms whilst we were their, so I can confidently say the entire hotel is beautiful and cozy and the staff is amazingly friendly.

2) Hyatt at Olive 8 – I stayed here on my last trip. The best hotel to stay at for conventions or business. Rooms are brand new. The fitness center is amazing. And Urbane, the hotels restaurant is another example of Seattle’s impeccable cuisine.

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