What do GoDaddy, Verizon and AT&T; customer service all have in common? They all ask or email you “just a quick survey” after a call. “And sir, on a scale of 1 to 10 how would you evaluate my ability to serve your needs?”

It’s irritating and at times nauseating to be put in such a position. I understand the need for company’s to understand how their customers are feeling. At TaskUs and Smarter Social Media we constantly t
ry and dialogue with our customers to this end. But we do not use phone or email surveys and we never will.

The irony is that small companies like ours might have reason to use surveys. But for big corporations there is no excuse. With social media all companies have to do is clear the wax from their ear and listen. Their customers are complaining and praising, suggesting and criticizing, and at times even coming together to trouble shoot without the presence of anyone from the company! On Twitter, the blogosphere and discussion forms there is so much data to be mined its a wonder that companies would waste time doing anything else.

Simply check out the daily list from TweetedBrands of the most mentioned brands on Twitter to get a sense of just how much can be gleaned:
So corporations of the world please stop asking me questions. Go ahead and follow me on Twitter and pull my blog’s RSS feed. I promise to praise and criticize you publically and provide plenty of valuable information. Thank you.

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  1. November 04, 2009

    oh my god…imagine if pepsi found out about this. the possibilities are endless!

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