I spent the day at the #140Conf at the Kodak Theater here in L.A. The conference was focused on new media and featured Bijan Sabet, Robert Scoble, Arianna Huffington and many more of the most innovative folks in new media. As a young entrepreneur it was exciting. I was really impressed by just how many great connections I was able to make in such a short period of time. But more about my thoughts on the conference in a future post.

For now I want to talk about the real time, location aware, mobile media. Let me break it down:

Real Time – You can watch it as it happens. When the photo, video or tweet is posted it is instantly discoverable to you.

Location Aware – When you post anything it is tagged with your location, using the GPS on your mobile device or the IP address of your computer.

Mobile Media – Your cellphone.

The players in this space currently include FourSquare, Loopt, Whrrl, BrightKite and Google Latitude.

This evening, post conference, I was talking to my mom trying to explain these networks, when she proposed what I think is a pretty neat idea – Taxi Tweets (not necessarily a Twitter app, but a catchy name).

The general premise is this: I’m sitting at a friends house getting ready to go out. Instead of picking up the phone, dialing 411 for a cab company and then waiting on hold with the taxi operator for 10 minutes I post a Taxi Tweet, geo-tagging the post with my exact location. In time the cab company responds that a taxi is on the way and gives me an estimate of how long it will take for the taxi to arrive.

Who Benefits:

The customer – because ordering a taxi is easier than it was before.

The taxi company – with some innovation (that would take full advantage of their taxi’s GPS systems) these companies could get rid of their operators. The nearest taxi driver would be made aware of the location of his next pick up via an on board computer.

As with all of my Mind of an Entrepreneur posts feel free to steal this idea. I would love to see one of the companies mentioned above putting this into action. I could certainly use it.

  1. October 30, 2009

    Great minds think alike!!! Check us out at TaxiMagic.com. We have implemented your idea with SMS, but have much cooler apps on the iPhone, Blackberry, Win Mobile and soon will be on Android phones. Check us out!

    Sanders Partee

  2. November 03, 2009


    I've downloaded the iPhone app and will be test driving it on my trip to Seattle tomorrow. Any advice?

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