Rich has been in town since Wednesday. Rich was my roommate and best friend from college and my time investment banking in New York. We have both since left the city and returned to our home towns to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. Whenever we get back together I get a real chance to reflect on my progress. Rich is an excellent advisor and confidant.

The lesson from this weekend is that building a successful enterprise requires focus and persistence. This may seem simple and obvious, but Rich embodies this philosophy so whole heartedly that just being around him I feel infected with dedication.

This past year I have encountered endless challenges. I expected building a business to be easier than this. I’ve bobbed and weaved my way through two businesses, two offices and countless projects and clients. As I come up on the beginning of my second year in business I am focused on a few core goals.

While, change is necessary, the biggest change maybe an unrelenting commitment to success.

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