I started this blog after returning to LA from New York, after leaving a job as an investment banker for the dreams of entrepreneurial success, after a long humbling journey to Argentina and a painful goodbye to the city I had come to love.

My first post mentioned that this blog would chronicle my Odyssey Years a phrase coined by New York Times columnist David Brooks to describe my generation’s long transition from college graduation to adulthood.

During this decade, 20-somethings go to school and take breaks from school. They live with friends and they live at home. They fall in and out of love. They try one career and then try another.

We wander like Odysseus trying to find our way home, trying to establish our place in the world. This is a period of anxiety and anguish, but also a period of adventure. Through out the ups and downs I’m consistently overcome by the feeling that one day I will look back on all of this with feelings of nostalgia.

When I wrote that first post my Odyssey was just beginning. Over the past 16 months I have wandered. I’ve started two different businesses. I’ve opened offices in Santa Monica and in Manila. I’ve spoken at conferences, met some of the most brilliant minds in the tech and marketing world, and learned a tremendous amount. With all that I completely ignored the fundamentals. Fundamentals like making enough money to move out of my parents house. Fundamentals like making new friends (which can be tough when you move back to the city you grew up in). The kind of things that are fundamental to establishing myself in the world, becoming an adult and finding my way home.

And so in the past 16 months I have been humbled and been woken up to the reality of working hard, but more importantly working smart to be effective. In our first business venture Jaspar and I would each bring home as much money for a single evenings work as our friends did toiling in internships and retail jobs for the entire summer. And while only time will tell, I know that that wasn’t a fluke, or a stroke of luck. This past 16 months has been the aberration.

It’s time to find my way home.

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