After my morning workout today, I sat down for a quick protein shake and peeled open the Wall Street Journal Op-Ed section. I came across a piece that literally took my words of the last week out of my mouth. Andy Kessler’s, Why Apple Killed Google Voice is a brilliant explanation of the future of telecom. The bottom line is simple: over the next decade or so, telecom will transform and the result will spell extinction for the giants of the industry that have comfortably sat on their grid for years, charging monopolistic prices and delivering sub-par service.

Over the past week I have been begging Verizon to give me FiOS so I can run my business a bit faster than the 1 mbps download the office is sharing currently. I also decided to cancel my Verizon phone service for a simple reason – Skype. With two lines on Verizon, I was paying $85 per month, plus taxes. I now have four lines on Skype, that do EVERYTHING the old phone used to, except take up space on my desk, and I pay $10 per month.

The math spells the end for telecom dinosaurs. But the cruel irony is I am still left begging them for broadband bandwidth, and praying for a national wireless network sometime before I retire.

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