I did a post for Smarter Social Media today. Where I argue that the future of the web will hold a place for paid content. I firmly believe that people will pay for premium information. That said, I just finished ready Brad Burnham’s brilliant post about the future of free online. Brad points out that information is no longer scarce, but attention is. As a result:

Raw information will become not just a commodity, it will be a nuisance. In that world, consumers will value scarce, relevant insight over abundant facts.”

Brad goes on to discuss the valuable exchange between users and social networks, in which user behavior is leveraged by the algorithms of social networks to produce a more valuable, insightful experience for those users.

But in relation to my previous post, I think Brad has proven my point. Instead of calling it premium information, I should have called it insight. The future of the net holds a place for the insightful digestion of information. People will not be paying to content, they will be paying to quiet the thousands of tweets, newstreams and blogrolls from yelling at them. Paying for a single reliable source of insight.

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