Here is a post I did for Smarter Social Media today….

First Twitter went down. Then Facebook. Next LiveJournal and YouTube were struck. Social media addicts everywhere quivered in cold sweats of withdrawal, as the rumor mill began to churn. But no one expected that the DoS attacks and (mislabeled everywhere DDoS) were the result of international conflict.

Let me introduce you to George, better known by his Twitter name cyxymu. George is from Georgia, and a fierce critic of his ex-communist oppressor – Mother Russia. In what is only now becoming clear, it appears that the Kremlin launched a massive DoS attack aimed at George’s LiveJournal and Twitter accounts. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Russian government launched these attacks on Thursday, causing Twitter to fail and LiveJoural to overload. While, conflicting reports have appeared pointing out that these attacks were nothing like the Russian web attacks of the past, their massive scale indicates that a country or very large criminal operation must have been behind them.

Twitter, Facebook and LiveJournal quickly fixed the problem. But Biz Stone reported that the attacks increased ten fold on Friday. This point is so important that TechCrunch did a post highlighting just this statement. The question here is WHY? Why did the attacks increase by a factor of ten?

I see two plausible, but only one realistic, answers. Either, Thursday’s Russian launched attack led to a massive string of copycats that decided to get in on the action. Or, Russia’s success on Thursday inspired it, and perhaps other unfriendly regimes, to intensify their aggression on Friday. Countries from Iran to North Korea have felt the power of Tweet – the masses given voice by cell phone based micro-blogging, and would like nothing more than to eliminate this powerful promoter of free speech from the planet altogether.

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