I spent last weekend in Vegas. I have never enjoyed my time in Vegas, having never visited the city since turning 21. So I naturally tempered my expectations for this visit. While, I can’t say I was totally blown away, I was definitely pleasantly surprised by my experience.

Jaspar, Justin, Dave and a crew of USC alum and I hit the strip Friday night. We stayed at Encore, which is a world class hotel – 750 square foot rooms, the most incredible spa I’ve ever seen, and access to all the Wynn’s wonders ran us $160 a night on the weekend and $109 on Sunday night. Anywhere, but Vegas it would have cost well over $500, but Nevada gaming laws subsidized our stay.

Following Jaspar’s frugal instruction, we did not gamble, and invested instead in three amazing nights – one at Lavo and two at XS. Saturday was the pinnacle of the experience, as we sat down to a table between NBA super star Joe Johnson and Beyoncé. With over 7,500 people in attendance at $30 a head, plus over a hundred tables, an source that request anonymity confirmed that XS does $700,000 on it’s best nights…Makes me miss the club industry.

The rest of the trip was spent sneaking sandwiches and cocktails from the Wynn’s two VIP rooms, fruitlessly attempting to add color to my creamy skin and applying Tylenol to a perpetual headache, the result of Vega debauchery. I’m glad I gave Vegas a second chance, but my next trip will be a vacation, which means relaxation, something neither of my recent trip to New York and Vegas were able to provide.

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