I haven’t written in six weeks. So here are six themes of my past six weeks:

1) Focus: I am tired of waiting. This is the year when I will take my business from a project to a (serious) profit. This requires an unrelenting focus on what is working and an unforgiving ignorance of what is not.

2) Smarter Social Media: Social media is what is working. It’s rare for youth to be an advantage, but with social media our youth is a huge advantage.

3) An Angry Client: This hijacked a lot my attention and energy. Over the past 5 months I have been email wrestling with an upset client. I finally threw in the towel and settled. I am little ashamed of myself, but it’s important that I have my focus back.

4) New York: I had the most amazing 10 day trip to New York and Connecticut. Literally everything that I wanted out of the trip I got: best friend Rich, business answers, amazing Brazilian food, wandering through the city, great birthday with amazing friends, a french girl, a run in Central Park with Tom, Per Se!

5) Alone: I have spent the past two weekends alone. Contemplating. Meditating. Doing lots of yoga.

6) Delving Deeper: Self examination has been a huge theme recently. It’s amazing what I am realizing simply by looking at myself.

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