Mind of an Entrepreneur entries detail business ideas that the author does not have the time and/or the resources to create currently. They are posted for comment and criticism. The hope is that the ideas will become developed enough so that when the entrepreneur does get a chance to launch them they will be fully developed and ready to implement. Rest assured that most of these ideas will be duds, but shifting through crap to find gold is the entrepreneurial creative process…

The Rope

Inspiration: I’m a workoutaholic and recently I have fallen in love with Maha Yoga, a Santa Monica yoga studio where all class are taught to the latest hip hop, electronic or international music. Good music is a great motivator of any workout, and the jams they play at 24 Hour Fitness (my weight and cardio gym) just don’t cut it. So I have to lug around my iPhone and keep it updated with the latest Radio 538 podcasts. Not only is this inconvenient it also removes another amazing workout motivator – OTHER PEOPLE. With ear buds in my ears I am in my own world. There is no connection with the other people in the gym. One of the greatest parts about Maha is that everyone is in sync, jamming and challenging each other to take it to the next level. Not to mention that most people at Maha are beautiful which doubles the motivation to work hard and impress.

Solution: The Rope – the gym that feels like a nightclub. Spinning, yoga, and boxing classes are taught to the latest and greatest music. The cardio and weight floors are pumped full of jams spun by live DJs. The gym’s demographic is the young and beautiful, just like any nightclub. While, there is no out right door policy (or maybe there is), the gym is marketed to this demographic. This is not your mother’s gym. This is a place for twenty and thirty year olds who are serious about working out and meeting other awesome people in the process.

Competition: New York gyms Crunch and David Barton have already implemented the Live DJ concept.

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