Boy oh boy! I am heading towards failure on this one. My dreams of this period have been seriously compromised by the overarching theme of my life currently: to start a successful business.

1) Sign Up 1,000 clients – While our base of clients is growing quickly. 1,000 was an ambitious goal.

2) Speak Spanish Fluently. I haven’t spent anytime on my Spanish. I need a conversation partner! It’s time to start looking for this now.

3) Fall in love…with my business? Need I say more.

4) Travel 25,000 miles. I might just be able to make this one happen. When I made the resolution I said I would travel to New York twice, travel to a Spanish speaking country and travel to a beach without my iPhone. If I combined the last two and travel to a beach in a Spanish speak country without my iPhone I’ll make at least one of my goals a reality.

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  1. April 06, 2009

    Very cool blog! :)

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