Last week, I left the office to find a present left on my car windshield by the protectors of Santa Monica. I got a $50 parking ticket for allegedly parking in an area where a “No Stopping Anytime Sign (was) Clearly Posted” (from the ticket itself).

I am going to fight this. We are in a recession. I am launching a start up. And I sure as hell don’t have $50 to foot the bill for the incompetence and injustice that ooze from the pores of the bureaucratic regime that runs the People’s Republic of Santa Monica. Here is my letter to the city, updates to follow:

Re: Parking Citation

Bryce Maddock
2621 33rd Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405

City of Santa Monica
P.0. Box 515214
Los Angeles, CA 90051-6514

Dear Parking Police,

I am sending this letter to contest a parking violation I received February 27, 2009 in the parking lot of 3400 Airport Ave. On this afternoon I parked in the same parking space that I park in nearly everyday. An are which is clearly a parking space as it is marked by a cement-parking block (please refer to the attached photos).

The parking ticket I received states that “No Stopping Anytime” was clearly posted. However, if you refer to the photos I have attached you will see there is no such sign within a reasonable distance of the parking space.

I appreciate your time in reviewing what I believe to be a citation made in error.

Thank you,
Bryce Maddock

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