My throat choked with emotion, my eyes stung with tears twice today. I hadn’t seen her in years, but she was one of the Mom’s on 33rd Street. Her kindness, generosity and adventurous spirit shaped my up bringing. When Willie and I would play or swim or watch horror movies or write scary stories – unreadable now because of my terrible spelling and Willie’s poor penmanship – she would be in the background making us Tomato soup and laughing in that high pitched cackle, a girl from Chicago.

Death and a memorial have brought me to reflect on this amazing person. Memories lost to the corners of my unconscious mind but for her passing. It makes me wonder how many other people have played such powerful rolls in my life? How many memories do I take for granted, lest their be a dramatic event to bring them forward into my consciousness and appreciation.

Tonight it was the Oscar’s. I’ve long dreamed of making it onto that stage, becoming a great filmmaker, great actor, great… Holding a solid statue, the embodiment of success, above my head as proof that I finally made it.

But days like today remind me that we accomplish nothing alone. Everything that I have done to this point in my life, anything that I will be able to accomplish, is made possible by the smiles, laughs, tears and Tomato soup fed to me by people like Trish Soodik.

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