Carol Bartz has been Yahoo!’s CEO for less than two weeks, and people are already writing her off. I think this is a mistake. If Yahoo! can be saved (and I’m not sure it can) it’s going to require someone as tough as Carol.

As CEO of Autodesk for the last 16 years Carol took a company that almost everyone had counted out and turned it into a software powerhouse. In 2005 Forbes put it this way, “Since 1992, Bartz, 56, has transformed Autodesk from an aimless maker of PC software into a leader of computer-aided design software, targeting architects and builders.”

She has guts and decisiveness and the sense to look at the big picture. It takes a lot of courage to step up to the challenge of saving a failing company, much less a company of the size and scope of Yahoo! Almost, everyone expects Yahoo! to be sold to Microsoft, which may happen. However, if it is to remain as a standalone business Carol is the one for the job.

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