For centuries, napping has been considered a sign of laziness, and many people still frown upon napping and associate it with non-productivity. In Spain they take naps up to about 2 hours everyday, which eventually lead to the Spanish being tagged “lazy”. However studies show that people suffer from a drop of energy levels twice a day. Dr. Roger Broughton of the University of Ottawa found that even after a full night’s sleep, people still have a strong tendency to doze off in the early afternoon. This is due to the drop in body temperature that happens about 8 hours after we wake up in the morning, causing a slowdown in reaction, information processing, and performance. Napping cures this, as it cuts the cycle and naturally relaxes the mind. This makes us brainier, much more patient, alert, and it improves work productivity by over 30%.

Some of the world’s most influential people are known to have taken naps , as this helped them cope with pressure and think clearly. Einstein napped frequently, sometimes even purposefully while thinking to clear his mind. Napoleon napped between battles while saddled to his horse. Churchill said he had to nap to cope with his wartime responsibilities. Clinton was said to nap to help him cope with Presidential pressures.

I love napping, but I almost never have time to. Being at the office 12 to 14 hours a day can be draining. A nice 15 minute nap seems like a good way to reenergize. A couch or a hammock is definitely going in the wish list for TaskUs offices.

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