Here is my guest post that just got published in Teen Entrepreneur

In yoga, one position I can’t master is the handstand. Every week I am put to shame by the 50 and 60 year old yogis who effortlessly toss themselves in and out of the position. Last class, as my frustration surged, I took it upon myself to ask one of the handstand masters, “How did you learn to do that?”

“I learned how to fall,” she responded.

This lesson applies to business and life: In order to truly succeed one must be willing to fall. We all know people who are too afraid to fall. Unwilling to take risks, they never get off the couch, never pursue the guy/girl they are attracted to, never escape their mind numbing 9 to 5 job.

If you are an entrepreneur you have already demonstrated a willingness to take a big risk. However, simply being willing to fall is not enough. Ultimately it is a numbers game. The more risks you take, the more you increase your chances of success, but the more falls you have to be willing to take as well.

This is why the most successful entrepreneurs have fallen many times. Russell Simmons launched the now defunct website 360 Degrees of Hip Hop. Richard Branson was forced to sell off his prized possession, Virgin Records. The Donald has lost fortunes on multiple ventures, and even went bankrupt.

The difference between falling and failing is getting back up. Falls are inevitable. They hurt, they may leave behind a scratch, a bruise, or an empty bank account, but they are also temporary. All of these successful entrepreneurs have fallen many times; but they reemerge smarter, stronger and savvier than before.

Unsuccessfully attempting a handstand is merely falling, but to not attempt it again is failure.

Fall, fall often and get back up. In time you will find success.

-Bryce Maddock is the founder of the online personal assistant service TaskUs (hyperlink to: He writes the blog What’s Next Bryce? (hyperlink to:

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