When I started this blog I published my first dreamline, a list of 4 dreams I set out to accomplish in six months. I accomplished most, though not all, of my dreams (see post). When I launched TaskUs, I wrote down my dreams for the business. I started at where I want to be in 5 years and then worked backwards – 3 years, 1 year, 6 months, 3 months. This is an excellent exercise to build determination and outline a clear path of action to accomplish both personal and professional goals.

It is time to reaffirm my determination. So here is my dreamline for the first six months of 2009:

1) Sign Up 1,000 Clients – In line with my plans to grow my business, I want to have 1,000 clients actively using TaskUs for their business and administrative tasks with in 6 months.

2) Speak Spanish Fluently – This was on the last list and while my Spanish has improved dramatically, I am not yet fluent. It stays on the dreamline until I can comfortably approach women in Spanish.

3) Fall in Love – Okay so this one scares me the most. I had a great time dating in 2008. But in 2009 I am ready for relationships with a bit more substance…I think.

4) Travel 25,000 Miles – More important than the actual mileage are the destinations. I want to travel to New York, at least one Spanish speaking country and at least one tropical destination where I can lay on the beach and drink a Pina Colda without my iPhone.

Wish me luck and check back with me in July to see how I do.

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  1. January 05, 2009

    Hello Bryce. You left a comment about personal outsourcing on a blog I manage (ohbizbuzz.blogspot.com). I would like to discuss your interest in a guest posting. I would also like to talk to you about Taskus services that I may be interested in with my work as an Urban Planning Consultant. I am presenting at a national conference in March and need to have the details of this worked out before then. Contact me – rob@robvoigt.com
    Cheers, rjv

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