My heart has been lightly jogging all week. My mind has been running through scenarios, wondering what this evening’s party will bring. This time last year I was right here, doing the same thing.

But in a year of change not much else is the same.

Last year I was heading back to a windowless dungeon – dial, field rejection, repeat. March brought my heart to a full sprint as I said, “I’m leaving…” Within a month I was in Argentina with a dream.

Hard work was nothing to match the tart swirl of reality. My heart sank when I heard, “honestly I would figure out a way to pay people in pesos and earn dollars.”

So, I left the two-bedroom apartment off Time Square. I gave up the delicious meals with three figure tabs. Worst of all, I lost the City.

Back home, I got to work. Four hour work weeks, turned into forty hour work weeks, turned back into eighty hour work weeks.

Come November the website launched, I moved into my own office…about the size of the dungeon…but covered with windows.

A year has passed and I am happier. But my heart is still racing, faster now…perhaps that is a good thing.

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