To go out or not to go out? This was the dilemma I faced last night as the phlegm dripped down the back of my throat and my body sagged under the exhaustion of a cold. In the end my social yearnings got the best of me and I was off to a Hanuka party, followed by a Jack Daniels session and Jaspar’s and a nostalgia infused get together in Beverly Hills. When I crawled into bed at 3 a.m. I resolved to rest…finally, and I didn’t emerge until 3 p.m. this afternoon.

Though I have been plagued by exhaustion over the past few weeks, I simply haven’t found the time to take care of myself. TaskUs is a 24/7 job on its own. Even my trip to Santa Barbara last weekend was more active than relaxing. Add to these the New Year’s party that Jaspar and I are throwing together at the last minute (as usual) and there has simply been no time to rest.

Hard work is one of my strong suits, rest is not. Ironically, these two opposites are totally dependent upon one another. Without rest you burn out fast, and that is where I find myself today. I could have avoided this. Had I stayed in last night. Had I resolved to skip the gym yesterday. Had I rested instead of adventured last weekend in Santa Barbara. In all cases I considered the options and decided to push on. Work harder, exercise harder, play harder…fall harder.

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  1. December 29, 2008

    Love reading your stuff…hey if you ever need a French translator I’m your man. Otherwise keep up the good work and take care of yourself.

    If you ever feel the need to rant:
    Check this out

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