Today I realized just how much I depend on the pocket sized device I call myPhone.

At 7:30 I rushed into the kitchen covered in sweat. I was between my morning work out and a dentist appointment. I had 20 minutes to eat, shower, and get to 6th and Arizona. Naturally, I managed to forget something.

I left the iPhone on the kitchen counter. As I pulled onto the freeway I realized what I had done and instantly panicked. I had a 9 a.m. meeting to go to after the dentist and I didn’t quite know where it was. I didn’t remember the name of the person I was meeting with and I hadn’t confirmed yet.

Normally, I’d be fine. I would use the phone to confirm the meeting as I waited at the dentist office. After which, I would check my calendar for meeting place. Then as I drove in the to the meeting I would pull up an Google Map to get to the exact location.

Sans iPhone I had to go old school. I used my memory to figure out where the meeting was and the name of the person I was meeting with. Then I used my sense of direction to get there. Finally, I used my trust to believe that the person I made the appointment with would be there on time.

Strangely, it all worked out fine.

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