Crack. The driver struck the ball and is soared up over the trees. Higher, higher, further and further to the left and off the fairway…smack it hit a eucalyptus tree and landed in the ruff.

As I strutted toward the ball, 5 iron in hand, I slipped my iPhone out of my pocket to check my email. Marie had completed the moving company task, Isabel had finished the aviation industry research and Ray had prepared a travel itinerary for a client’s trip to Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. I smiled and looked up at the sun. Life is good.

Today I ran my business from a golf course.

To build our initial site we worked with Brilliant2 – two of the best web developers in the world (no exaggeration). As a thank you for all the great work they did Jaspar and I took them out for a round of 18 at Brentwood Country Club.

Given my new business obsession and perfectionism, I had my apprehensions. But building a strong relationship with our web designers was essential, so I queued up the tasks and teed off. After 6 hours of golf I realized I can run my business from anywhere. Be it an airplane, Starbucks, or the 14th fairway, all I need is my iPhone or laptop to periodically check up on things.

Not only does this make life more enjoyable but it also means I can focus on doing higher value things. Perhaps, golf doesn’t seem like a high value activity. But when you consider the value of a strong relationship with the people who control the appearance and function of the storefront of my business, it begins to make sense.

Today I couldn’t have done anything more valuable than play golf. What a life!

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