The ups and downs of starting my first business are as exaggerated as my first encounter with love.

There is little that I care more about. I go to sleep thinking about it. I wake up thinking about it. I check my phone constantly for messages from it. I get a sick feeling in my stomach when I consider what would happen if it didn’t work out.

I do everything for it. I would do anything for it. Last week we got our first customer complaint. It hurt. It felt like the time the girl I was in love with told me she was attracted to someone else. Not that she was leaving me, just that I wasn’t her everything. I was overcome by that same queasy insecurity.

Sometimes it feels like heaven. As the tasks back up and the customer praise filters in, I swell with the same pride I felt when the girl I loved told me, “I’ve never cared about someone as much as you.”

In that moment nothing else exists.

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