I was moved to tears watching Obama speak on Tuesday night. It was just two years ago when I told a friend I was supporting/campaigning for Obama for President…

“Obama?! A black man will never be elected President…let alone someone whose name rhymes with Osama and whose middle name is Hussien!”

Only in America.

But while Tuesday night brought triumph on the national level, on the state and local levels a far different story played out. I disagree with a lot of the decisions made in my state (California) and my city (Santa Monica), but none more so than Prop 8, the passage of which amended California’s constitution to ban gay marriage.

What I find most tragic is that it is now clear that had Obama not been on the ticket Prop 8 would not have passed. Obama inspired a nation, but no group more so than African Americans, who turned out in increased numbers across the country in this election. The irony is that most blacks, who are all too familiar with oppression, do not support gay rights. Seven out of ten of them voted for Prop 8. On a Proposition that passed by just 2%, the increased turnout amongst blacks alone was enough to insure the end of marriage for homosexuals in California.

  1. November 06, 2008

    As much as that loss of Prop 8 pains me, I would NOT flip the script and been happier with President McCain and Gay marriage, would you?

  2. November 06, 2008

    Hell no! Obama in the White House is by far the most important thing.

  3. November 07, 2008

    I’m holding out hope that the issue will be brought to the Supreme Court after Obama has had a chance to make an appointment or two.

  4. November 11, 2008

    Thanks for the support buddy. Always love reading your blog!

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