Okay so clearly I support Obama for President. But there is a lot more to vote on this year in California.

Here is how I’ll be voting on the Propositions in California and my two cents (literally two words only) on why:

Prop 1 – High Speed Rail: NO Why? “financial crisis”

Prop 2 – Farm Animal Standards: NO Why? “pollo loco”

Prop 3 – Children’s Hospital: YES Why? “the children”

Prop 4 – Abortion Parental Notification: NO Why? “pro-choice”

Prop 5 – Non-Violent Drug Offenses: YES Why? “overcrowded prisons”

Prop 6 – Law Funding and Criminal Penalties: NO Why? “overcrowded prisons”

Prop 7 – Renewable Energy: NO Why? “Sierra Club”

Prop 8 – Eliminate Same Sex Marriage: NO Why? “equal rights”

Prop 9 – Criminal Justice & Victims’ Rights: YES Why? “victims’ rights”

Prop 10 – Alternative Fuel Vehicles: NO Why? “special interests”

Prop 11 – Redistricting: YES Why? “corrupt politicians”

Prop 12 – Veterans bond: YES Why? “reliable veterans”

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