I spent the afternoon at Obama California headquarters in Culver City. What an amazing experience. The place was packed with volunteers, cell phones in hand, calling Florida, Nevada and Ohio. People were sitting on the floor, standing in the hallways and crouching on the stairs. The scene was an inspiration. It reaffirmed my belief that, despite the past eight years, we still live in the most amazing country on earth.

I called dozens of people. Standard operating procedure for these phone banks is to leave a ton of messages, get a few wrong numbers and get hung up on occasionally. But then you have those special calls, the ones that make the whole experience worth it. I had a few of these this afternoon. The best of which came when I was able to use my Spanish to explain to a couple in Nevada where there polling location was.

Of course, there is the occasional funny call. A North Carolina woman told me she had already voted and then asked, “Where can I send my donation for the black paint?”

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“The black paint, we about to paint that White House black honey!”

Yesterday 2 million calls were made for Obama. Over 50% of the calls are being made from California – that means over 1 million calls for Obama were made in California yesterday.

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