I didn’t have time to blog today. But fortunately for all, another Maddock published an opinion piece in a newspaper.

This is an incredible article on why YOU MUST VOTE! (I guess politics is genetic):

Preston Maddock

Election Day is the culmination of years of campaigning, the moment billions of dollars were spent on, and hundreds of thousands of miles were traversed for. These quadrennial events have been some of the most important days in contemporary world history as they whittle the future reality of our great nation. Your power as an individual in a democracy is never more acute than when voting for the executive office. Just think about the example from eight years ago: what direction would the country have gone had 538 more Floridians voted for Al Gore in 2000? Of course the pros and cons of this hypothetical situation are up for debate, but it can safely be assumed that as a nation we would be in a distinctly different situation.

The 2008 election will be a correspondingly influential moment. In my view, its importance is unparalleled as this is not only a choice between men seeking office, but a referendum on America’s moral values and priorities. Eight years of the Bush administration has fragmented the population and lead to deep polarization. Two wars, an economic snafu, the biggest deficit in history, futile attempts at fixing education, healthcare, and entitlement programs, an environment on the precipice of disrepair, and the international community’s disdain: this is what the next president will inherit. The next administration’s embodiment of humility and prudence to offset the arbitrariness and zealotry of the one packing up is essential.

Coming of age during the Bush administration has led us youths to cynicism. The starry-eyed innocence of our upbringing has fleeted. Folktales of George Washington, Honest Abe, and Teddy have been supplanted by news of our countrymen dying half the world away and distortions of the constitution. We have seen American citizens left to fend for themselves during a national disaster of immeasurable proportions, witnessed our Attorney General carry out politically motivated firings in the Justice Department, and have been muzzled on issues regarding our own civil liberties. Cronyism has run rampant and the politics of fear have become inexplicably acceptable. Guantanamo’s sign still reads “No Vacancy” and our political clout to deal with international crises has become dust in the wind. One more for good measure: I’m pretty sure there’s still a 6’5″ Arab by the name of Osama walking free in the mountains of Pakistan seven years after September 11.

Yet, mercifully, the Bush administration’s time has come and we look to the future. I cite these examples of Bush’s failures not as reason to vote Democrat (even though I am one) but rather as means to show you the power you have one week from today, (election day), when all the playing fields are leveled and the socioeconomic lines erased: one man, one vote. I understand that these are rhetorical clichés, and after two years of campaigning, presidential politics may be over-saturating your world. However, take a moment and think long and hard of why you’re choosing not to vote or why you’re voting the way you are.

Country club Republicans and hipster liberals have no place in this election. The implications of this one are going to be longer lasting than the trust fund and an unwrinkled face. Think of the soldiers and students, not just a salary. Think of the spouse gone bankrupt trying to pay for the medical costs of their loved one. Think of the father forced to tell his family that their only investment has just been foreclosed upon and they have nowhere to turn. Think of the kid growing up a block outside the wrought iron gates of Trinity because he is the boy fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Think of how those 538 democrat Floridians who decided to stay home that Tuesday in November of 2000 feel today. Make history.

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  1. October 31, 2008

    Very deep, full of heart and well written article. Hope it will be read and heard…


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