After the Outsource World Convention last week I spent the weekend in New York catching up with old friends. Only in returning did I realize how much I left behind. I long for the city, and I have no better motivation to start making money so I can once again afford to live in the most amazing place on earth.

While, I was in the city I took a stroll past some of my old favorite (and least favorite places). For the last fourteen months I spent in New York my schedule was as follows:

5:30 A.M – Wake up
6 – 7:30 – Gym
8 AM – Work
8 PM – The earliest I was ever allowed to leave work
9 PM (the following day) – The longest I ever had to stay at work

I worked at Rockefeller Center.

After I finished at the gym in the morning I would walk the few blocks to work from 48th and 7th to 50th and 6th. This walk took me past the Lehman Brothers building (now the Barclay’s building). This building has the time and date on its side. I made and broke many a silent promise to never see such and such a date on that building. Promising in essence to have quit by that point. I went back for fun…

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